L2 Authentic Relationships

   Koolitus / Teacher Training   



28-30 august & 25-27 september     
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L2 'Authentic Relationships'

Teachers: Jivan Mukta Singh, Sara Avtar Kaur



*** IN ENGLISH ***
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL 2 AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS with Jivan Mukta Singh and Sara Avtar Kaur

On two weekends: 28-30 August and 25-27 september 2020, Hatu, Estonia.

"What you relate to, that you shall be. Actually, you are immortal. You are consciousness".
- Yogi Bhajan

- Integrate authentic relationships into your life and your teachings.

- Explore and understand how we form, sustain and honor relationships.

- Our success as conscious human beings and Kundalini Yoga teachers depends on our capacity to be real and to respond from our hearts; our primary objectives are to examine our relationships and improve our effectiveness, authenticity and awareness within them.

Please ask the detailed info package for L2 Authentic Relationships from the organiser by e-mail. Organiser contact: Prabhudeep Kaur
mail: yoga@prabhudeep.com
phone: +372 5067599



28-30 august ja 25-27 september     
Kundalini jooga õpetajakoolitus L2 'AUTENTSED SUHTED'


L2 Autentsete suhete kursuse detailset info-paketti küsi korraldajalt meili teel.
Korraldaja kontakt: Prabhudeep Kaur
epost: yoga@prabhudeep.com
telefon: +372 5067599


Jivan Mukta, PhD

Jivan Mukta on sündinud Tsiilis. Ta on sertifitseeritud kundalini jooga juhtivõpetaja, pioneer õpetaja ja meditatiivne tervendaja Soomes.

Jivan Mukta on koolitanud kundalini jooga õpetajaid Soomes juba üle kümne põlvkonna. Ta on Soome Kundalini Jooga Õpetajate Ühingu kaasasutaja aastal 2006.

Ta on pühendunud tervendaja ja Meditatiivse Tervendamise Programmi looja. Selle õpetuse alusel toimuvad praegu kursused Soomes, Eestis, Hispaanias ja Norras.

Hariduselt on ta ka poliitika teadlane ja ajaloolane omades doktori kraadi võrdlevas religiooniteaduses. Ta on publitseerinud arvukalt artikleid vaimsuse, jooga ja tervendamise teemadel.

Õpetajana reisib ta maailmas teenides vaimset teadlikkust ja tervendades inimesi. Viimastel aastatel on ta osalenud ka erinevates projektides õpetades joogat ja vaimset elustiili meestele. Ta on abielus ja 2 lapse isa.
Tema õpetajaks on Yogi Bhajan.



Sara Avtar Kaur

Avtar Kaur, born in UK, a gymnast, dancer, singer and trained actress, discovered Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan when she was 19 and became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher shortly after.

Her first taste of Kundalini Yoga was on Yogi Bhajan's Birthday, 26th August 1987, joining the London sangat for the traditional birthday sadhana: chanting 2.5 hours of long "Ek Ong Kar". Avtar Kaur's life was immediately connected and permeated by the Teachings.

Her teaching took Avtar to live in Germany (1990-1999), and then Italy (1999 onwards), where she now lives in Rome. Between 1990 and 2002 Avtar followed Yogi Bhajan's teachings directly in Europe and Espanola, several times a year, while also receiving regular personal guidance from him. Unto this day, Avtar's' morning practice remains inspired, strong and transformative.

Training with Guru Dev Singh from 1993-2008, and certifying as a Sat Nam Rasayan Level 2 healer and teacher, gave Avtar the depth and stability to offer regular intensive Kundalini Workshops around Europe as of 1997. Specialities included: healing, creativity, meditation, partnerships, communication, spiritual development.

In 2001, having qualified as a German school teacher, Avtar used her skills to to organise with KRI, the first Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training Programs in Italy - systemising the first Italian Manual - and becoming a Level 1 Lead Teacher Trainer.

Now a Lead Level 2 Teacher Trainer, Avtar has taught in Italy, Spain and Germany, collaborating as part of the 3HO-Deutschland Level 2 Trainer-Team.

Meeting with Yogi Bhajan in 2001, Avtar presented to him her development of Shakti Dance, the 'yoga of dance' - based on Kundalini Yoga. This, Yogi Bhajan approved and blessed, saying she should "Create the whole dance, systemize it and spread the Teachings." Since then, Avtar has continued to develop, teach and train teachers in Shakti Dance®, spreading the discipline worldwide.

Avtar Kaur has also released several albums with music for Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga, under her artist-name, Saravtar: "Shakti Lila", "Merging", "Waves of Grace", "Swara Rasa", and her new release, "Swaha~Fruition".

As a teacher and trainer, Avtar Kaur is both worldly and etheric. She combines the intensity of her personal practice and life experience with a playful creative flow to sustain, align and elevate students through physical, mental and energetic realms. Avtar's teaching facilitates students to liberate their Creative Spirit and connect with Source - that they may rest in nourishing Being, with expanded peaceful Presence.



Koolitus toimub Valguspere kodus, kaunis Hatu mõisas,
55km kaugusel Tallinnast.


The course will be held in the home of Valguspere in Hatu Manor, Estonia.
It's about 55 kms from the International Airport of Tallinn.
For transportation from the Airport to the Venue, please contact the organiser.

Address: Hatu Manor, Hatu, 76013 Lääne-Harju vald, Estonia



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